What it’s like to sing with a band in Dubai

As a professional singer in Dubai it is a truly wonderful feeling when performing in front of an audience from stage. Interacting with the crowd and making them smile is far more of a reward than the paycheck at the end of the gig. However there is one thing that is even more special to me, and that is when performing with a band in Dubai.

Having a band support you on the stage is a truly awesome experience, as any other singer in the industry will tell you. A band will create an atmosphere like no other and provide the audience with an amazing live experience.

There are many great bands in Dubai that have such a talent and always offer an outstanding performance. One of which is a 3-piece band Crystal Sound, to which I rehearse and perform with on a regular basis.

Interacting with the band during a live performance is a great feeling and makes each and every performance unique. From solos to well timed coordination, it’s an awe-inspiring experience.

Overall, nothing quite beats performing with a live band. Delivering well known songs to the audience and putting your own twist and sound on them is a great feeling.

So next time you are planning a night out then be sure to take advantage of the night and watch a band in Dubai.

For more information about where you can find myself and the band Crystal Sound playing in Dubai then please click here.