blacj and white photo of a band in Dubai

My Tips to find and perform with a Band in Dubai

As you may have discovered through browsing my website, I have been a professional singer in Dubai for many years. Throughout this time I have been asked many questions from inspiring singers who want to get into the entertainment industry of Dubai.

I thought that it would be a good idea to share some of my experience, knowledge and tips with my blog readers by putting together some quick guides on becoming a singer in Dubai. This week I would like to draw your attention to performing with a band in Dubai.

As you will have read from my previous blog post ‘What it’s like to sing with a band in Dubai’ I highlighted some of the reasons why singing with a band in Dubai is so awesome not just as a performance but also as a progressive step to becoming a better singer and performer on stage. So without further ado, let’s jump into some tips.

Tip 1

Once you have invested precious time rehearsing and feel more confident with your singing abilities then seek out opportunities to meet various other aspiring musicians and bands. The ideal place to do this would be at an open-mic evening in Dubai.

Tip 2

When you first start practicing with a band (and it does take practice) then try experimenting with various music genres to find the ideal sound and fit.

Tip 3

When you are performing with a band then there will be a variety of musical action taking place.  Communicating with the other band members is the key here. A good singer will help lead the band and be the main performer in the spot light.

Tip 4

It is easy to sing too fast or too slow when you are nervous. Take time and let the band know your chosen tempo when you are set.

Tip 5

If you loose your way or hit the wrong note then keep singing. Let the band pick up for you and provide you with the support. The band will follow your lead and your audience will be unlikely to pick out the error.

Tip 6

Don’t take all the lime light. Be sure to praise each of the band members throughout the performance and provide them with as much opportunity to perform as yourself. Allowing them to perform a solo on their chosen instrument is usually a good way to approach or conclude the performance.

I really hope that you find the above tips extremely useful and that you put them to action immediately. Here’s to you becoming a singer in Dubai performing with a band in Dubai very soon!